Courses Offered - Healthcare Assistance
This course is designed to recognise the practical competence required by healthcare assistants in order to be able to work in private homes, convents, clinics and residences in Mauritius and abroad as well.

Holders of this qualification will be able to give full support to and assist individuals to meet their physical needs, including individuals affected by dementia and those who are dying, and to deal with first aid situations. Those awarded with this qualification will be able to communicate effectively with all their patients and be fully aware of their patients’ rights and responsibilities. They will also be able to ensure that the patient’s environment meets all the standards of hygiene.

Course objectives:
  1. To equip trainees with knowledge of and ability to give nursing care to the sick and the injured.
  2. To empower trainees to take up jobs as healthcare assistants in Mauritius as well as abroad in nursing homes, residences and private clinics.
Profile of participants:
  1. 18 years old
  2. Should have studied up to form IV
  3. People seeking jobs as healthcare assistants in Mauritius and abroad as well.
Course duration:
  • Theory: 64.5 hours
  • Practical: 65 hours
  • Total: 129.5 hours
  • MQA approved
Course content:
  • Introduction to nursing
  • Anatomy and physiology
  • Effective communication skills
  • First aid including cardiopulmonary resuscitation level 2
  • Common pathologies
  • Basic nutrition needs and age related nutrition
  • Personal and interpersonal skills
  • Lifting and positioning of patients
  • Patients’ rights
  • Problem solving
  • Developmental psychology
  • Giving proper support to people with disabilities
  • Basic hygiene
Certificate type
  • Non-award
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